Mellola Movement

Mellola is about becoming the best YOU, about blossoming and drawing strength from yourself. Mellola symbolises women who are role models for others; women who have had difficulties during their career but have managed to get themselves up and overcome all obstacles; a woman who dares to make choices and has a big impact in her environment. The Mellola brand serves as encouragement for women everywhere to gain self-confidence to take steps towards their most beautiful, powerful destiny. The Mellola Movement was created to help women to feel more confident and to recognise their inner strength, which every woman has inside of her. The woman that knows what she wants. The fearless, loveable, and a woman with a voice. The charismatic woman, that has a free spirit, that stands in her inner-power. The vision of the Mellola Movement is to connect daily with women who can identify themselves through the pieces of the Mellola jewellery, given the strong story behind them.


Kim Kyosaki

The rich dad company

Kim Kiyosaki is a co-founder at The Rich Dad Company and the author of the book Rich Woman. She is a power woman who is proud to wear our jewellery.

Marie Diamond


Marie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Leader, Speaker and Author featured in the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Secret and TV shows.

Darina Schartman


When I wear the Melllola jewellery, I felt more powerful and I really enjoyed and felt empowered too. I love the jewellery and it has an own character which is powerful and beautiful.

Liz Acosta


By wearing my mellola jewellery I feel feminine and confident. Because I am so happy with it myself, I radiate it and often get compliments about it. This bracelet symbolizes my hard work and gratitude.

Natalia Mora


Sometimes I have the pressure to look very well dressed, being strong, serene and keeping a smile on my face. Maybe I’m a woman that hides fatigue, displeasure and emotional falls. Every time I wear a Mellola jewellery I shine, looking beautiful and strong. Like an amulet that reminds and helps me to get the best out of myself.

Veronica Guguian


Veronica loves stories and flipping them into marketing strategies. And she is proud to wear our bracelet.


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