After a few setbacks in my life, in 2015 I began to focus on personal development. During that journey I started to make jewelry. I created jewelry that was colourful and bold., statement jewelry that brought me joy and gave me confidence.

The idea to start making jewelry came to me after the tragic loss of my brother.

I lost my him in a car accident on my birthday. My whole world felt apart in that moment. My brother and I were extremely close, and he was dear to me.

The experience left me feeling weak and made me retreat inwardly. I was feeling lightly depressed. I had no idea how to move forward, so I stayed in a black hole for a long time.

With hard work, I slowly started to gain some confidence and to dared myself to step out of my comfort zone. That is when I started creating handmade jewellery with a meaning, because I know that every woman experiences setbacks or tragedies in life.

This is how Mellola came to life and the mission to help you become the best of yourself that was born.

I started to create this beautiful and colourful jewelry to add colour in my life, but also to recognise and to remind myself that I have conquered many obstacles in life and, by doing so, I became stronger. I found my inner-strength and I blossomed into a Butterlfy.

I’m very proud of what I achieved so far, and I am thrilled to share my story on stages large and small and hope to inspire other women to conquer any obstacle that may arise. That is why I made it a personal goal to connect with a thousand women each year, to share our experiences and to learn from each other.

My favorite thing in the world is hearing women tell me how they have overcome their obstacles. My dream is that every woman will wear my jewelry as a symbol of who she is: a strong and powerful woman!

Love, Melissa Tolud


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