Shine bright as the Power Woman you are!

The Story

The journey of Mellola started in 2015 and was inspired by the personal life of the founder and owner, Melissa Tolud. Faced with a terrible tragedy, Melissa felt lost, weak and alone. Instead of giving up, she made a decision to arise and to move forward. She found her inner strength, stepped out of her comfort zone and started living her life.

The Jewellery

This ambitious woman has a sense of boundless potential and she expresses herself with a gorgeous and vibrant piece of jewellery by Mellola: handmade from sustainable materials and is bold and unique, just like you! The necklaces and bracelets are external representations of our internal strength. The designs are meant to make you stand out. The jewellery line consists of a bracelet: The Butterfly, and a necklace: The Optimist.

The Butterfly: Just like the butterfly, women can emerge from their darkest period into a better version of themselves.

The Optimist: Was created to remind us that, no matter how hard life is, we need to remain positive!

The Empowerment

The jewellery that is created and designed by Melissa herself. It empowers her. “It is my goal that the Mellola jewellery, worn by women that feel empowered and that they will empower other women too, especially the women from India. My aim is that I can include and collaborate with the women from India to create the next collection and therefore also that they can become (financially) independent power women.

Because I want to contribute to the empowerment of women worldwide, I have chosen to work with women from India to create the next jewellery collection. With every purchase you make, you empower and support a woman in India to earn a living so they can take care of their children.

I love to work with women, because I know that when women thrive, so do the economies in which they operate. And, compared to men, women reinvest 80 per cent of their income into their families and communities.


I’m proud to see my work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Publications such as Business Fit MagazineFor You Magazine and Viva400 Magazine, was inspired to share our story with you.


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