My story

I know that every woman experiences setbacks or tragedies in life, and a lot of women don’t speak about it at all. I was afraid that society would put me in a box if I shared my story. It took me some time, but I found the courage to speak up and share it. With hard work, I slowly started to gain some confidence and to dare myself to step out of my comfort zone. That is when I started creating handmade jewellery with a message because I knew I was not alone in experiencing this and I wanted to help each and every one of you to grow and overcome loneliness.

This is how Mellola and my mission to help you become your best you, were born! Does my story sound familiar? So many of us seem to end up here. My journey into the world of entrepreneurship started because I experienced a tragedy, a setback, but it developed into a purpose.

What I’ve learned

I learned many valuable strategies and tips, which I used to start and grow my business, and now it’s transformed into a powerful community of ambassadors who proudly wear their handmade Mellola jewellery standing on stages, addressing crowds all over the world.

The most important advice I want to pass on is that no matter what you do, make sure it’s born in your heart; the rest will flow. Surround yourself with people that will take you higher. Attend events that will expand your knowledge and stimulate your growth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 ‘Every master was once a student’

Last but not least, tell yourself every morning, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me,” and avoid the “wait till later” syndrome. You may have noticed, I gave more than 3 tips today. It’s because I love to share my experiences and tips with you…and I must share one more. Make a list of affirmations for yourself and read them every single morning until you believe them. I do this every day, and it works.

My trip to Indonesia

I also want to share my experience with you about my trip in 2019 to Indonesia (Yogyakarta) to meet the housewives with whom I will jointly design the second line of Mellola jewellery. It was an educational, beautiful and healing journey at the same time. I met the housewives and talked to them about the plans for Mellola. People sometimes call Yogyakarta “The City of Culture & Art”.

By buying a handmade piece of jewellery, you can empower and support women in Indonesia to give them the opportunity to take care of themselves and their children. This has been my reflection and experience so far in 2019. December I will travel to Surinam and January 2020 I will share my experiences with you.

May next year for you be filled with prospering, prevail, successes, elevations, restoring and blessings! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From Melissa with Love!

Today it’s time for the final episode in the series ‘The Woman behind Mellola’. In the first two we learned about Melissa’s past. But I bet I’m not the only one who noticed a major change in Mellola’s choices starting late 2017. So now it’s time to hear all about the plans. What things are currently in development? And what does Mellola have in store for us for the future?