Do you know that gut feeling: you’re ready for a change and you would like to try new things? But where do you start?
I think that every woman dwells on it. This even could happen with choices you fully supported,
with a laserfocus to where you wanted to go; all the way up. Only to suddenly have a change of heart, telling yourself it doesn’t suit you.
That is okay! Change is part of your development and growth.

Mellola was able to change and she had decided to adjust her branding, doing so my the immersion of fresh colours.
Our mission and vision are still the same, because we wouldn’t take leave from it.
Mellola did this because she believes she has made the right choice at the right time.
Not only for herself, but for the Power Woman in you as well!

‘There is someone somewhere that is in need of
what you have to offer’

These words inspired me. It got me thinking: why should I keep my story to myself,
if instead I can help a lot of women with it and inspire them at the same time.
Each piece of jewellery has a story any woman can identify herself with.
Mellola is a combination of both and thereby she is willing to share her story with you.



From Melissa Tolud, with


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