Today it’s time for the final episode in the series ‘The Woman behind Mellola’. In the first two we learned about Melissa’s past. But I bet I’m not the only one who noticed a major change in Mellola’s choices starting late 2017. So now it’s time to hear all about the plans. What things are currently in development? And what does Mellola have in store for us for the future?

Well Melissa, I guess it’s the final time we get to meet like this. Let’s start with the changes you made for Mellola late 2017. The website had a make-over and you’re more visible on other media as well. What can you tell us about that?

First off I’m glad you noticed. It’s nice to hear that the time and effort we put into this is not going unnoticed. And yes, I do feel it’s important to be close to the people following Mellola. I believe the new website design is more in line with today’s power woman. Being close means sharing my own story, being honest about my own struggle. In this blog series I choose to be vulnerable so people can really get to know me. Also this is my way of showing people they aren’t alone in the things they go through in life. With Mellola I want to inpire women on a daily base. To live life to the fullest. And to live up to their full potential. Of course that’s what I do with my jewelry. But I myself also get inspired by things I read and see. It would be a crime to keep it to myself. To be inspired is great. To inspire is incredible, right?!? Fortunately social media gives me that opportunity. Lately we’ve found an actual steady week schedule. We kick off the week with Music Monday. By sharing a power song we hope to spread a positive vibe to hold onto throughout the week. Even in the face of adversity. On Inspirational Tuesday we share a quote for inspiration. Wednesday we have declared Women Wednesday. A day to share an article or a video where one of our fellow power women shares tips on a topic most women can relate to. For example one of our latest shares was on underestimating yourself. On Friday we alternate something light to start off the weekend and Blog Friday. This way we hope to serve everyone. Today is the final episode about me and Mellola but we already have something lined up. I’ll tell you more about that later, along with an anouncement..

Ooh, can’t wait to hear more. But first back to the format you use to share: I see you’re currently a combination of English and Dutch?

That’s right, we want to inspire as many women as we possibly can. Whether she’s speaks Dutch or English. We try to make sure nobody has to miss anything. The other day we got such great reactions on our Dutch blog. At the same time we received so many requests to post the English translation. A big ‘thank you’ to all those people! By writing both in English and Dutch we get that much closer. To that much more women.

And what about the future? What exciting things can we expect from Mellola?

Well, for now we keep this schedule. But of course we constantly keep developing. We grow along with the current power woman. So we’re always busy to tailor everything to her needs. So if you’re dying to share an idea or make a suggestion; concerning the website, the jewelry, a topic you think we should address or anything else you’d like to share. Let us know in an email to info@mellola.com. As for the future? You know, we’re so grateful for where we stand with Mellola right now. We really hope to contribute to the lives of women everywhere. We want to be a community where everyone feels free to share their daily struggles, feelings, doubts and questions. Not just with us but through us also with each other. We’d like to be a platform where women can support each other. Without judment exchange tips and advise. ‘Real queens fix each ohter’s crowns’, right? So let’s hear it!

And what about the anouncement you mentioned earlier?

Yes, I promised to tell something about the next blog series: we’re looking for (starting) female entrepeneurs who, like me, want to share their story. Introduce yourself and your company. Inpire women with your message and your product (or service). I’ll gladly let you tell your story on my website and social media. Send your email to info@mellola.com. Hopefully we meet soon.

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