In the last blogpost we got to know a little about Melissa. We now know where she’s from, but how did she start her company ‘Mellola’? Why did she decide to make jewelry? And what does she want to accomplish?


Thanks for allowing us another peek into your life, Melissa. Today is all about the ‘birth’ of your company ‘Mellola’. But first tell me this: have you always dreamt of being starting your own business?

Well, no. As a little girl I dreamt of being a passenger service agent. Why not a stewardess, you ask? Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of turbulence, hahaha. I ended up studying to become an assistant executive secretary followed by Human Resource Management.

So when did you start ‘Mellola’ then?

I started Mellola during the darkest period of my life, three years ago now. I was 29, studying hard and on top of that I had a job. My world got turned upside down when I lost my brother in a car accident. It was awful but it made me appreciate life more. Life is too short not to make the most of your talents and passions. It was time for me to do something I loved and still do of course :). Something allowing me to actually create with my own two hands..

Gee, good for you seeing the upside of such an awful situation. But why of all things did you decide to make jewelry?

Like I said, at that time I realized I wanted to turn my loss into something positive. I have always loved jewelry. Especially the one of a kind, handmade pieces. I believe jewelry completes your outfit. Jewelry says something about who carefully made it. And about who wears it. And that’s how the idea of making my own was born. Juggling my activities wasn’t easy so it took me a year to figure out my exact plans for the company. But my dream to inspire women got clearer by the day.

You want to inspire women with your jewelry?

With my jewelry I’d like to tell women they can conquer anything in life. By focussing on your goal and not giving up on yourself. We all encounter obstacles on our path but we owe it to ourselves to keep shining. With my jewelry I want to make women aware of the power they have inside. Each piece is a bold statement. I also give my jewelry names: the bracelet is called The ButterflyAs a testament to how I redefined myself in that dark period of my life. And how I’m now ready to show my colors. That’s also why I choose to make all pieces in bright colors. The necklace is called The Optimist. With the necklace women can show how they stay positive despite any challenge they might face.

Wow, and what has ‘Mellola’ brought you so far?

In the beginning making the jewelry by hand helped me to get my mind off of things. Believe me, I could use some distraction back then. Also it forced me to use my hands rather than my head for a change. It still is very therapeutic by the way, hahaha.
Thanks to ‘Mellola’ I get to travel the world. And meet interesting people, who enrich my perspective. All these things make me a better entrepreneur and hopefully a better person. I keep on learning new things. How to cope with setbacks for example. It’s all part of the game I guess.

Any final thoughts you’d like to share with us?

My jewelry help me to be more secure about who I am. And I want the same for you, Powerwoman! What are your dreams? Go for it, believe in yourself, shine! Dare to get out of your comfort zone! After all that’s the only way to reach your full potential. Just imagine!

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